An Angel Told Me

I have written a whole book on the Angel Thomas called THOMAS TALKS TO ME, HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN MUSE. The book was mainly for writers. Thomas, though, continues to talk with me and he has been pestering me about starting my new web page devoted to inspiration, creativity, and kindness. Since he won’t leave me alone and I find subtle little messages about this from him all of the time, I’ve finally found the moment to start. This web page will grow and expand as I add new things and new thoughts. Please join us--Thomas and me!


Take a few minutes from your busy day to center yourself. Imagine a lovely ocean shoreline. Hear the gentle waves breaking against the sand and the sounds of gulls as they wheel overhead. Breathe deeply and imagine the cleansing scent of the salt water washing away all negativity in your body. Repeat the affirmation: I am calm and happy.