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An Angel Told Me

Coming Soon!

I have been brainstorming today. I'm trying to get the focus down on this site. I want it to be an inspiration for visitors. I want it to be good news and happiness, gratitude and kindness. I want it to promote creativity, learning, and love. Most of all, I want people to enjoy coming here. It should be respite to a busy world that is too full of negativity.

I am going to start The Compassion Club soon. Probably a Facebook endeavor, which for me, is going to be a challenge to set up. I've only used Facebook to pass along inspirational quotes, jokes, and cat pictures! But it needs to be more than that. I can see ways I can use it to get this message out. I feel there are so many like-minded folks out there who could use the things I pass along to create their own happiness missions.

Let's make that Happiness Mission with capital letters!

Do you have any suggestions for making An Angel Told Me the wonderful place it should be? If so, please leave me a comment! Thank you!

Have a great day!


Memory Recovery

Memory Recovery

This morning I decided to experiment with a project I call Memory Recovery. Memory Recovery is vital for every person. It is those memories of peace, contentment and joy that eventually fuel new memories, new experiences. They are connected to the feelings of the past, prop up the present, and propel us into the future.

For me, many memories are tied to food. I come from an Italian family and meals were important! So, my memory recovery for today was to cook a breakfast we would eat on Sundays--hot Italian sausage, fried eggs, and toast with butter and orange marmalade. The minute I put the food in my mouth, I had an instant connection to my parents. I could see us sitting around the table with the Washington Post scattered between us. My dad had the sports section, my mama had the style section and I had the comics. The coffee was hot and the smell of newsprint brought the moment back like it was yesterday instead of 48 years ago.

In the grand scheme of things all we have is now. We process the Universe in linear ways--yesterday, today, and tomorrow--but quantum physics tells us there is no such thing. It's all just vibration.

Personally, I believe we pull our memories from this vibration which has been called the Akashic Plane. The word Akasha is Sanskrit meaning sky or ether. The ancients believed that the Akashic records, also known as the Mind of God or The Book of Life, contain all knowledge of every human endeavor, thought, and experience. The Akasha is where the Cosmic Consciousness emanates. It is here where all that we are, were, and will be resides. It is the ultimate now, and when we recover memories, we are accessing the Cosmic Consciousness. We are touching God, and what we are really remembering is that we are part of this Divine energy where nothing is ever lost.